New EP ‘Open Your Mind’ is out now on WyldCard Records

I’m super excited to show you my brand new EP released on Vanilla Ace’s label WyldCard Records!

You might have noticed I’ve been doing a lot of remixes lately but now I’m finally able to show you my first EP on WyldCard Records called Open Your Mind featuring the lead single “Open Your Mind”, a peak time tech house track and “Elevate” that dives a bit deeper but still keeps the rolling tech house vibes.

The EP has already had support on Danish national radio P3, The Voice DK, FlexFM UK, Selected Radio and DJs like LouLou Players (BE), Saladin (US), Amy Lauren (UK), No Pants DJs (US), Vanilla Ace (UK) + more…

Anyway, I hope you like it as well and it would mean a lot if you gave it a play and maybe add it to your Spotify playlists or similar <3

Listen to “Open Your Mind” on Spotify:

Runge – Open Your Mind

You can also listen or download on iTunes, Apple Music, Beatport, Traxsource, YouTube and more right here:

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