Be Upgraded is my new tech and bass house hybrid track out now on High Definition

Runge - Be Upgraded

Embark on a journey of self-improvement with ‘Be Upgraded,’ a modern take on the timeless tale of personal growth, set to an uplifting tech house beat.

Back in 2022, I crafted the initial version of what would later become ‘Be Upgraded’ (even before giving it a title). Like many creative endeavors, though, I set it aside for about a year. But last year, I revisited it, breathed new life into it by adding fresh vocals and fine-tuning some details. I then shared it with my friend, Dots Per Inch, who liked it enough to sign it to his label, High Definition. So, to all my fellow producers out there, here’s a friendly reminder: never delete your old projects. You never know when inspiration might strike or what hidden gems you might uncover in your archives.

If you like it please consider adding it to your playlist on Spotify etc as that will help me a lot ❤️

Listen to Runge – Be Upgraded on Spotify:

You can also listen or download on iTunes, Apple Music, Beatport, Traxsource, YouTube and more right here:

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