Runge pres. Taking A Left Turn 096 (January 2017)

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Taking A Left Turn is my monthly house and bass mixtape series showcasing my current favorite tracks I like to play out in my dj sets. This is number 96, the January 2017 edition, one hour of house, tech, bass and breakbeats from the likes of Dombresky, Jack Beats, Volac, Tom Shorterz, DJ Zinc and more…

Stream or download here


00. TALT Intro
01. Dombresky – Utopia [Confession]
02. Alex Index – What Do You Smoke [My Techno Weighs A Ton]
03. Pnau – Chameleon (Crookers Remix) [etcetc]
04. Jack Beats – The Lean [Night Bass]
05. Walker & Royce -Hit Dem Draws [Dirtybird]
06. LiTek – Uber ft Curtis Clacey (Dub Mix) [This Ain’t Bristol]
07. Runge – Coloured Squares [Get Twisted Records]
08. Sacha Robotti – The Dude Abides [This Ain’t Bristol]
09. KSO – Deep Beeps [Stepper Man]
10. Volac & Illusionize – In A Club (Noise Frenzy Remix) [Free Download]
11. Tom Shorterz – Don’t Stop [Lobsterboy]
12. Weiss – Walk With Her [Dirtybird]
13. DJ Zinc – Turn Up The Bass [Bingo Bass]
14. Born Dirty – Mum’s Money (Jakwob Remix) [Way Way Records]
15. Barely Royal – Fire In The Dark ft. LØ [Saucy Records]

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