Runge pres. Taking A Left Turn 089 (March 2016)

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Taking A Left Turn is my monthly mixtape series showcasing my current favorite tracks I like to play out in my dj sets. This is number 89, the March 2016 edition, featuring a brand new and upcoming remix from myself out soon on Chuggy Traxx. Also included are tracks from the likes of Tom Shorterz, Newbie Nerdz, Marc Spence, Billy Kenny, Go Freek, New York Transit Authority + more…

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00. TALT Intro
01. Martin Hellfritzsch & RAVNI – Rhodes (Runge Remix) [Chuggy Traxx]
02. MRJ ft Kate Wild – Keep Falling [Free Download]
03. Tom Shorterz – Rave Trip [Free Download]
04. LongPlay ft Asha Rae – Caught Up (Newbie Nerdz Remix) [RM Records]
05. Marc Spence & Futurepoets – Shave That [Anabatic]
06. Marky Style – Weed Smoker (Adrenochrome & Farfetchd Remix) [Free Download]
07. Billy Kenny – Ron Dat [This Ain’t Bristol]
08. ADMN – Sell Out feat. Jerome Joyce (Marc Spence Remix) [Ghetto]
09. Voodoo Chili – Someday [Cheap Thrills]
10. Motez feat. Tkay Maidza – Down Like This [Sweat It Out]
11. Go Freek – Screamer [Sweat It out]
12. Mad Villains x DJ Caspa – Throwback [Free Download]
13. Karl Vincent & Tee – Yes Darlin’ [Saucy Records promo]
14. New York Transit Authority feat Harper Lake – Watching [Lobsterboy]

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